August 15, 2007
Review of Retail Teamwork
The Father of Retail Software Michael Mauerer and
Microsoft Dynamics Partnered to Bring Retail
Teamwork to Retailers

A Review by One Step Retail Solutions

If everything retailers needed was bundled in one software application, retailers would have a good chance at success. With Retail Teamwork, an all-in-one retail point of sale / inventory control solution for retailers, failure is not an option.

Retail Teamwork is the product of Michael Mauerer, the creator of Retail Pro and other retail software, and was released in January of this year. Mauerer developed the software with an SQL database and a live data stream, making it the first live system in its price range. This streaming technology allows retailers to get data in real time without polling, and enables them to respond quickly.

One Step Data s Business Analyst Steve Rudner stated, The most powerful aspect of this system is that the back-end of it is on a Microsoft Dynamics platform and the front-end of it is Retail Teamwork. Both come from strong, established lines of trusted software development Microsoft and the father of retail software Michael Mauerer.

Rudner has over twenty years experience in retail and business, and consults with retailers daily to help them improve their business and increase profits utilizing retail technology. The point of sale is so simple to use and easy to train on. It only takes an employee a half-hour to learn it, which saves thousands of hours in training and training costs, Rudner states.

One thing that makes Retail Teamwork easy to learn is its architectural interface, tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 2007 which is familiar to most users already. It s the unequaled ease of use at point of sale that allows new employees to get up and running with the system swiftly.

The inventory control features of Retail Teamwork scales to hundreds of stores. Its built-in inventory retail distribution feature replenishes inventory based on sales. Because it is spreadsheet-based, changes that are made on an inventory spreadsheet are automatically changed in the entire system, leaving no room for error.

With a live, real-time data streaming system, managing inventory is a breeze. The on-hand inventory history is retained and tracks inventory at every level. This perpetual inventory prevents historical reference loss, making this point of sale element a valued feature for retailers.

The same applies with the integrated accounting aspect of Retail Teamwork. There is no need to link to other programs because the data is entered once at point of sale and is live, producing laser accurate merchandising and financial data.

Customers will really like the key performance reporting, says Rudner. Turn, GMROI, stock to sales ratio, sell-through; these are the kind of things that excite retailers. That and, of course, finally having a system that does all the work for them.

Overall, the Retail Teamwork solution is an over-and-beyond retail system. Retailers no longer have to be faced with the usual challenges they typically deal with at point of sale or managing their store to stay ahead of competition. It s a technology that grows as a retailer s business grows, and keeps up with changing technology.

More details of its features are detailed at
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Retail Teamwork
The all-in-one point of sale software solution.

retail teamwork - pos software solution

Embedded with the Microsoft Dynamics platform, Retail Teamwork offers a whole new level of functionality and excellence.

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